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About Chris Paulson

Meet The Artist

Chris Paulson lives in Eugene, Oregon and handcrafts each and every fused glass piece in his studio in the 2nd & Blair Artist Neighborhood. He combines colorful iridescent glass with the ancient art of fusing glass to create glass art with contemporary beauty. Each piece is handcrafted from numerous sheets of glass that are cut, assembled, and melted at temperatures in excess of 1500° followed by gradual cooling and then reheated to above 1200° to “slump” each piece into its unique shape.

Chris is inspired by the beauty, vibrancy and even durability of fused glass, especially the ancient Egyptian fused glass that pre-dates blown glass. He takes pride in creating functional art pieces that will be cherished for years to come. Chris signs and dates each tray, platter and bowl, and as he does, he wonders and hopes how each piece will be cherished both now and in the distant future!

Chris enjoys customizing pieces for corporate, university, and team events or gifts using specialized colors, logos, and unique shapes. In his spare time, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife, Diane, son and daughter-in-law Nick and Kelly, and daughter Erin. Originally from Ohio, Chris enjoys Oregon’s great outdoors, playing basketball, and following all of the University of Oregon sports – Go Ducks!